08 8 / 2012

I was too lazy last weeks, and sleep a lot ( bad me !). But today, I give you some very good links and news in the IT world. Keep your self updated with this blazing fast world.

The rise of PostgreSQL 

I haven’t had any chance to use Postgresql but it’s getting really good and they also point out some SERIOUS mistakes from mysql, it’s serious because it has problem with your money. And there is also a performance test which is quite interesting to take a look.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Flow - Psychology 

It’s been a long time I read a great article in wikipedia. It provides very good information about work flow. Don’t be scared of the psychology word, this is nothing related to your course at school :D                                

 Programming Dirtiest Secret

You are a programmer and you want to know the dirtiest secret in programming. Check that link, that guy is very good as making a good point to explain why/how to type faster and it’s related with programmers.

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29 7 / 2012

"I don’t even want this bike back. I just made these flyers to tell you that I hate you, bike thief. I hope you ride my bike without a helmet and get hit by a monster truck. I hope my bike takes you straight to Hell.”


"I don’t even want this bike back. I just made these flyers to tell you that I hate you, bike thief. I hope you ride my bike without a helmet and get hit by a monster truck. I hope my bike takes you straight to Hell.

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Writing is a muscle. Smaller than a hamstring and slightly bigger than a bicep, and it needs to be exercised to get stronger. Think of your words as reps, your paragraphs as sets, your pages as daily workouts. Think of your laptop as a machine like the one at the gym where you open and close your inner thighs in front of everyone, exposing both your insecurities and your genitals. Because that is what writing is all about.


Procrastination is an alluring siren taunting you to Google the country where Balki from Perfect Strangers was from, and to arrange sticky notes on your dog in the shape of hilarious dog shorts. A wicked temptress beckoning you to watch your children, and take showers. Well, it’s time to look procrastination in the eye and tell that seafaring wench, “Sorry not today, today I write.”

24 7 / 2012


When I need a piece information in a blog or forum, giving my email address is a must to validate my new nickname. And I often end up losing my email to spammer, even with the aid of gmail filter, it’s still fu**ing annoying. I’ve found three solutions for this problem:

1. Create another email account for registration. You may find it’s hard to maintain your accounts.

2. If ‘you are feeling lucky’, check bugmenot.com for login information.

3. If you don’t believe in luck, follow me. (Sadly, I’m always a loser in gambling …) SpamGourmet is your new friend. After registration, spamgourmet will give you a series of fake emails in this format <string>.<x>.<yournick>@spamgourmet.com.

<string> : any string you want, this should not be used before.

<x> : any number you want

<yournick> : your nick when registering spamgourmet.

Let’s see, if you want to register at the site iamspammer.com, just give him the address: fromiamspammer.2.mynick@spamgourmet.com. The first 3 emails will be sent to your email address which you use to register spamgourmet, the laters will be swallowed by our professional gourmet. The email with attachments won’t be received, believe me, you don’t want to open attachment from strangers.

Spamgourmet really does a great job. It just works and saves our digital life in the new world of bloated information.

p/s: thanks my friend for reminding me Mailinator - Not like Spamgourmet, you don’t have to register to get fake emails, it’s pretty convenient to use ;)

20 7 / 2012

You consider yourself as a hacker, you hate using mouse and clicking around. It’s for noobs !!! Blogging is a part of every hacker all over the world but wordpress is not for them, tumblr is good but not hackery enough. Gist.io is for you - hackers.

Prepare your weapons: 

  1. Favourite text editor - (Do not start the text editor war here! I love both vim and emacs users )
  2. Github account - ( If you do not have github account, you are .. not a real hacker )

Write your post in beautiful markdown syntax, share your writing/articles with friends this link - gist.io/<gist-id> . Is it simple enough for you - hackers ;)

* Gist from github offers you version control - so you have nice version control for blog.


  1. Real quick way to share your writing / articles with fellows.
  2. Maintain your writings in gist with nice version control.
  3. You don’t care about the fluff, just write and share - Content is King !



14 7 / 2012

I bought new Das Ultimate keyboard to replace my bad Gateway MD7818U keyboard. I’ve spent more than 100 bucks for a keyboard? Yes i do! . I’m not a keyboard play dude who would spend hundred or even thousand for a keyboard and changing keyboard everyday. My first thought about spending big budge for one thing is “good thing stays forever" ! I pay 8 cent a day (120/5\*365) for a joy of typing, I think it’s perfectly worth it since we spend a lot more on useless stuff. 

As a programmer, I smash my keyboard everyday, so I want a strong, nice looking and fun mate to work with. No one else but the keyboard helps me get boring task done or keeping working on creative idea for long hours. In addition, I love the blank layout of DAS ultimate, because I won’t have any chance to find which character on the keyboard, I have to build a better muscle memory and it boosts typing speed. Luckily, it also costs 10 EUR less ( every penny is a lot for a student :D ) compared to Professional version.

My whole idea behind buying this keyboard:

1. Comfortable - Check !

2. Strong build - Check ! Bonus for dark and professional look.

3. Type faster to get things done faster and better. - Checked ! I don’t have to push myself to not looking at keyboard when typing, I now freely look at it …

Das is proud of their clicky keyboard, and I really love clicky sounds from it. But in an open office, people do serious work, they don’t like the idea of having a talkative colleagues in their office, so I leave my friend at home - see you later mate ;)

After my priority gear for a programmer is the second place which is a headphone - it plays a crucial role in programmer’s life.

Follow my twitter if you are interested in my silly thought on my headphone in the next post It’s on the way !

12 7 / 2012

I never tip less than 20%, and I’m not an asshole….at restaurants.

I always get great service.  The staff who isn’t even waiting on me comes over to say hi.  They know what I’m going to order, and if I forget something, they know it.

This doesn’t happen at Applebee’s or McD’s.

08 7 / 2012

"You don’t have years to live ! You only have 18 hours"